Early Morning

  • Wake up. Wander.
  • Take your time.
  • Stop.
  • Ponder.
  • Saunter down the road a while.
  • Pause. Wait.
  • Then, navigate a new direction.
  • Never hesitate.
  • Marvel over
  • each
  • and
  • every
  • miraculous
  • moment.

More “Bunny Days” Love

Apr 6th, 2010 by Dianne | 2

A few days ago, I wrote about Bunny Days, Tao Nyeu’s beautiful new picture book.

Today, Jules of 7-Imp has posted a terrific interview with Tao Nyeu, complete with loads of illustrations, sketches, and a peek at what’s up next for Tao!



2 Comments on “More “Bunny Days” Love”

  1. Stephanie Greene said:

    Thanks for that interview, Dianne. She’s so talented. I’m sure we’re going to see a lot of her. Imagine if you, as a writer, submitted a manuscript in which bunnies had their tails cut off or got sucked up into a vacuum. The art notes you’d have to write! “There’s no blood, I promise! It’s okay, they don’t suffocate!” Lucky illustrator/author.

    When I was talking to the local librarian about the Bunny book, we laughed about those scenes. Another librarian said that she was teaching a class at the local college and that her students didn’t like the book because of those scenes and their “violence.” Yet the librarian said children who she’d read it to LOVED them. Interesting.

  2. Dianne said:

    I thought those pictures were hilarious! Really. Anyone can see “no animals were harmed in the testing of this product!!”

    I haven’t shared the book with my class yet, but I will after Spring break. I’m sure they’ll get a kick out of those scenes in particular. That’s the advantage an author/illustrator has over people like us. You can dream up these kinds of out-of-the-box scenes and actually execute them in a way that makes crazy art notes redundant.

    The take away from that interview for me was the bit Tao said about building her story idea from the spot illustration of the bunnies hanging on a line. Even though I’m not an artist, I think this is a great way to brainstorm new story ideas and break away from literal-ways-of-thinking types of writing.

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